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Where in the world is.....

Aachen Arran Brugge new.gif (111 bytes) Crete
Dublin Luxor Prague Malta
Slanchev Briag Toronto Carribean Cruise

t_mak.gif (269 bytes)his is a strange section and one that I decided to put on after looking through various holiday photographs. These are some of the places that we have been on holiday to over the past ten or so years, obviously the Michigan thing is no holiday (for me at least...).

Aachen, Germany
(not yet)

aachen.gif (63316 bytes) t_mak.gif (269 bytes)his was a holiday that came from meeting a student that came to work with me while with Babcock Energy Ltd. Stefan came over from Aachen in western Germany to experience the wonders of life on the west coast of Scotland, like pub quizzes, pubs and, er.... other stuff?

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Arran, Scotland (not yet)

arran.gif a_mak.gif (489 bytes) very popular weekend retreat for people from Glasgow and an easy place to get away from it all. The ferry journey from Ardrossan takes a couple of hours but the change in pace is unbelievable.

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Brugge, Belgium new.gif (111 bytes)

brugge.gif (36432 bytes) a_mak.gif (489 bytes) last minute decision by myself, Ellie, Jim & Mo to spend our first wedding anniversary abroad - something we have continued to do since. We drove down to Hull and crossed the Channel using North Sea Ferries to the port of Zeebrugge and drove the seven miles or so to Brugge town centre.

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Crete, Greece

crete.gif w_mak.gif (676 bytes)hat the hell can I say about Crete that hasn't been said before. You can visit the famous Temple of Knossos, Samaria Gorge (the largest gorge in Europe), loadsa bars, restaurants and the birth place of the god Zeus. We had a great time there.

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Dublin, Ireland (not yet)

dublin.gif d_mak.gif (461 bytes)ublin, home of the best Guinness in the world (the only place I would consider drinking it). A great place to walk and soak up the atmosphere and, no, Michael O'Shea isn't paying me to say any of this.

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Luxor, Upper Egypt

luxor.gif (80821 bytes) l_mak.gif (252 bytes)uxor was the location chosen by us to spend out honeymoon. It involved three nights in the Winter Palace hotel in Luxor, on the banks of the Nile, a seven night cruise on the Nile down to Aswan and back, and four nights back in the hotel. Along the way we visited the Valley of the Kings, the temples of Hatshepsut, Esna & Edfu and other wonders.

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Prague, Czech Republic

prague.gif (73941 bytes) a_mak.gif (489 bytes)nother anniversary trip, this time by myself, Ellie, Jim, Mo and George & Angie (friends from Aberdeen). An offer in the Glasgow Herald paid for the flights and a speculative email on the Internet got some some very cheap accommodation in the very heart of the city.

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Qawra, Ballutta Bay, Buggibba; Malta

malta.gif t_mak.gif (269 bytes)he first holidays' abroad that Ellie and I ever took were to the island of Malta - just a speck in the Mediterranean Sea, south west of Italy. We stayed in budget accommodation and met some great people there - we've stayed friends with the MacCallum's since. I've enjoyed every minute of our time in Malta and would go back again.

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Sunny Beach (Slanchev Briag), Bulgaria

bulgaria.gif w_mak.gif (676 bytes)e needed somewhere nice and cheap to go where we could drink beer and catch some rays while experiencing another culture. Sunny Beach is very cheap for us but very expensive for the locals. Many people don't like Bulgaria - but we aren't many people.....

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Toronto, Canada new.gif (111 bytes)

toronto.gif (54364 bytes) w_mak.gif (676 bytes)e visit Toronto on a fairly regular basis, as Ellie's brother Gerry lives there. I would have to say that of all the cities that I have visited in northern America (about three), Toronto is my favourite. We've seen a lot of downtown, but very little outside of that - it's just a great place to stoat aboot. We watched the French cuff the Brazilians in a pub downtown in the World Cup final.

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Carribean Cruise new.gif (111 bytes)

a_mak.gif (489 bytes)hh, a Carribean cruise on the Majesty of the Seas, leaving from Miami, Florida, onto Nassau then Coco Cay in the Bahamas, then Key West, Florida and finally back into Miami - all in four short days, what could be more relaxing...

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