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Carribean Cruise
(3/2/02 - 9/2/02)

Just show me the photos or videos.

Ellie's friend approached her in November 2001 and asked if we would be interested in joining a group a friend of hers was putting together for a Carribean cruise, leaving in February 2002. It was such a good deal that we would have been stupid to refuse, afterall how much fun would it be to be away from cold, horrible Michigan for a week in the middle of the winter.

The itenerary involved sailing from Miami on Monday 4th February, Nassau the following day, Coco Cay the day after, Key West after that, finally back into Miami on Friday 8th February - all via the Royal Carribean cruise line on there ship the Majesty of the Seas.

Ellie done much searching around for flights to Miami and found them to be a rip off, ending up with a good deal on a flight to Fort Lauderdale on the Sunday morning, spending overnight there before the boat, we had a great offer of a lift from the hotel to the boat from the couple that put the cruise together, we spent a night in Fort Lauderdale after the cruise and got another great offer from Ed & Donna to run us to our hotel.

Here are our holiday snaps, taken using our Canon S300 Digital Camera. These shots are lower quality than we actually took, but they were made this way so that they look good on a web page but don't take too long to download. Click on the small icons to be taken to a bigger image with a wee description of what was going on - it might even contain links relevant to the image.

Photos from our trip
115-1544_IMG 115-1545_IMG 115-1548_IMG 115-1550_IMG 115-1556_IMG
115-1544_IMG.jpg 115-1545_IMG.jpg 115-1548_IMG.jpg 115-1550_IMG.jpg 115-1556_IMG.jpg
115-1557_IMG 115-1559_IMG 115-1565_IMG 115-1571_IMG 115-1573_IMG
115-1557_IMG.jpg 115-1559_IMG.jpg 115-1565_IMG.jpg 115-1571_IMG.jpg 115-1573_IMG.jpg
115-1574_IMG 115-1577_IMG 115-1580_IMG 115-1587_IMG 115-1589_IMG
115-1574_IMG.jpg 115-1577_IMG.jpg 115-1580_IMG.jpg 115-1587_IMG.jpg 115-1589_IMG.jpg
115-1590_IMG 115-1592_IMG 115-1593_IMG 115-1595_IMG 115-1598_IMG
115-1590_IMG.jpg 115-1592_IMG.jpg 115-1593_IMG.jpg 115-1595_IMG.jpg 115-1598_IMG.jpg
115-1599_IMG 115-1600_IMG 116-1602_IMG 116-1606_IMG 116-1608_IMG
115-1599_IMG.jpg 115-1600_IMG.jpg 116-1602_IMG.jpg 116-1606_IMG.jpg 116-1608_IMG.jpg
116-1609_IMG 116-1610_IMG 116-1613_IMG 116-1614_IMG 116-1615_IMG
116-1609_IMG.jpg 116-1610_IMG.jpg 116-1613_IMG.jpg 116-1614_IMG.jpg 116-1615_IMG.jpg
116-1616_IMG 116-1617_IMG 116-1619_IMG 116-1620_IMG 116-1626_IMG
116-1616_IMG.jpg 116-1617_IMG.jpg 116-1619_IMG.jpg 116-1620_IMG.jpg 116-1626_IMG.jpg
116-1628_IMG 116-1630_IMG 116-1631_IMG 116-1634_IMG 116-1635_IMG
116-1628_IMG.jpg 116-1630_IMG.jpg 116-1631_IMG.jpg 116-1634_IMG.jpg 116-1635_IMG.jpg
116-1638_IMG 116-1639_IMG 116-1641_IMG 116-1642_IMG 116-1645_IMG
116-1638_IMG.jpg 116-1639_IMG.jpg 116-1641_IMG.jpg 116-1642_IMG.jpg 116-1645_IMG.jpg
116-1650_IMG 116-1652_IMG 116-1653_IMG 116-1654_IMG 116-1655_IMG
116-1650_IMG.jpg 116-1652_IMG.jpg 116-1653_IMG.jpg 116-1654_IMG.jpg 116-1655_IMG.jpg
116-1656_IMG 116-1659_IMG 116-1662_IMG 116-1663_IMG 116-1664_IMG
116-1656_IMG.jpg 116-1659_IMG.jpg 116-1662_IMG.jpg 116-1663_IMG.jpg 116-1664_IMG.jpg
116-1665_IMG 116-1669_IMG 116-1670_IMG 116-1672_IMG 116-1673_IMG
116-1665_IMG.jpg 116-1669_IMG.jpg 116-1670_IMG.jpg 116-1672_IMG.jpg 116-1673_IMG.jpg
116-1674_IMG 116-1676_IMG 116-1677_IMG 116-1680_IMG 116-1681_IMG
116-1674_IMG.jpg 116-1676_IMG.jpg 116-1677_IMG.jpg 116-1680_IMG.jpg 116-1681_IMG.jpg
116-1682_IMG 116-1683_IMG 116-1685_IMG 116-1686_IMG 116-1687_IMG
116-1682_IMG.jpg 116-1683_IMG.jpg 116-1685_IMG.jpg 116-1686_IMG.jpg 116-1687_IMG.jpg
116-1688_IMG 116-1689_IMG 116-1692_IMG 116-1699_IMG 117-1702_IMG
116-1688_IMG.jpg 116-1689_IMG.jpg 116-1692_IMG.jpg 116-1699_IMG.jpg 117-1702_IMG.jpg
117-1711_IMG 117-1714_IMG 117-1716_IMG 117-1717_IMG 117-1718_IMG
117-1711_IMG.jpg 117-1714_IMG.jpg 117-1716_IMG.jpg 117-1717_IMG.jpg 117-1718_IMG.jpg
Videos from our trip - Real Player format
The beach at Fort Lauderdale - 747kb Miami harbour from the stern of the ship - 1,108kb The beach at Coco Cay - 514kb The ship from the pilot boat from Coco Cay - 345kb The ship from the harbour at Key West - 503kb
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