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Prague, Czech Republic
(9/4/97 - 16/4/97)

So here it is, one of the worlds truly classic cities. We spent a week there and loved every minute, except the weather, damn cold - a truly interesting and cheap place. I would go back again tomorrow, if I could. We only saw the very centre, Prague 1, and there is so much more to see.

city_view.jpg (35677 bytes) This is a view of central Prague from the outside of St. Vitus cathedral. In the foreground you can see part of the old town. The river you can see is the Vltava river with Charles' bridge spanning it. Just left of the far side of the bridge is the Jewish quarter, where we stayed.

The entrance to Hradcany Castle, on the grounds of which sits  St. Vitus cathedral. If you notice the two statues that are on either side of the main entrance. The guy on the right can be seen clubbing someone to death and the guy on the right has a lovely big golden knife that he is perforating someone with. You gotta be careful in your dealings with the Czechs (see drinking offences).

st_vitus_cathedral.jpg (46096 bytes)
stained_glass.jpg (49449 bytes)

A huge stained glass window inside St. Vitus cathedral. The scan doesn't do justice to how bright the window appeared.

Some of the first beers of the holiday - and certainly not the last. I think that we are drinking Budvar (Budweiser) - a real beer, not to be confused with the American crap of the same name. And to think that the Yanks tried to stop them using their name - they, apparently thought that they existed first (pathetic but true).

beer_cafe.jpg (34668 bytes)
astrological_clock.jpg (52886 bytes)

The world famous astrological clock just off of the old town square. The place would get mobbed every hour to watch the display. Well worth hanging about for.

This is the for our ghost tour of Prague old town. It was an unusual experience and one I would recommend to any visitors. <There is a really good story that goes into here, about Nena, Jim, George, a group of German tourists and a scary mask. I'm not the one to do it, that's up to either Jim or George>

nena_ghost_tour.jpg (18348 bytes)
scary_guy.jpg (35602 bytes)

A scary old guy trying to make a quick Crown by being the most unusual busker that I've ever seen. Yes, he is a sword swallower and the two grey blobs aren't the product of a heavy cold, but six inch nails that were lovingly hammered there!!

Ellie looking damn cold in front of a statue outside the Czech national museum at the top of Wenceslas square. Incidentally, Prague is a very cheap place to visit - food, drink, everything, until you get with 100 metres of Wenceslas square - all of a sudden prices quadruple.

wenceslas.jpg (37978 bytes)
jazz_club.jpg (42079 bytes)

What a fantastic jazz club. What initially, from the outside, looked like a little hovel down a side street, became a climb down into a bar that looked to have been hewn out of rock with a fantastic atmosphere.
Incidentally, we were asked to sing a little quieter as we were singing 'Oh Flower of Scotland' while the band were on - apparently people were complaining that they couldn't hear the band.

A photo taken, Wenceslas square, post pub and me throwing up and before what has latterly known by NATO as 'The Chicken Incident". <Another good story goes in here, by either Jim or George again - c'mon gies some text.

chicken_incident.jpg (26469 bytes)
painted_bldg.jpg (48420 bytes)

Another one of the many stunning buildings that can be seen around any corner in Prague. The guide books said nothing and no-one else seemed to take any notice - I was dead impressed.

A nice picture of my lovely wife during a boat trip on the Vltava river, it was bloody freezing. Notice in the background a huge metronome counting time, this was put here after the Velvet Revolution, when a huge statue of Stalin stood here overlooking the city.

metronome.jpg (29772 bytes)
st_vitus_cathedral2.jpg (34274 bytes)

A view of Hradcany Castle, St. Vitus Cathedral and surrounds - not a lot more I can really say, it just is - and it's stunning.

A view down the Vltava from the metronome, in the middle distance is Charles' Bridge. vltava.jpg (18947 bytes)
restaurant.jpg (37879 bytes)

A restaurant that was jus along from the metronome, it was the most expensive we saw, even by Glasgow standards, but hey, you pay for the location and the surroundings don't you.

A view down from the astrological clock tower, this is the place to buy those very garish and huge hats that people wear to football games and, for some bizarre reason, little toy things that go 'cluck'. Loads of cafe bars that you could sit outside of, if it hadn't been bloody freezing!
The great restaurant is situated just down the alley, between the two sets of buildings on the left, by the way.

main_square.jpg (53272 bytes)
church.jpg (40438 bytes)

Another huge church, roman catholic by the way. We stayed to the left of this, about 3 minutes walk away.

Another view from the clock tower of the old town square. Seems like when you've nearly killed yourself walking up loads of stairs that you should at least take loads of pictures - it gives you time to get your breath back anyway.

main_square2.jpg (59210 bytes)
church2.jpg (44640 bytes)

A view across the old town square to the Tyn Church. It was all around this area that the ghost tour happened. At various points in the tour people jumped out of nowhere and scared the bejasus out of you. It was a good laugh then and we have been laughing about it ever since.

A great restaurant that came out of nowhere again, we saw what looked like an eating place, again right down some more stairs and another place hewn out of the rock. This is probably the best meal that we had while in Prague. Just around the corner from the old town square.

another_restaurant.jpg (29226 bytes)

lucky.jpg (47841 bytes)

A plaque about half way across Charles' Bridge. It is said that if you touch the figure, you will return some day to Prague - you could try touching it, it may help you get there in the first place or at least give you a reason for cleaning your screen.
I'm still not so sure about the Czechs, though, this is a plaque of a guy getting lobbed off of Charles' bridge, guess he must have spilled some guys pint - very similar to the Scots in some ways. You gotta know how to priortise.

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