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Crete, Greece
(21/7/97 - 4/8/97)

We done our usual this year and went to the travel agent without any idea where we wanted to go so long as we could get beer, food, sunshine and some culture -  we just looked for a deal.

cave.jpg (45038 bytes) The inside of Zeus's cave - locally accepted as the birthplace of the god Zeus. There's a whole baby eating kind of bizarre story that goes along with it, as well. windmill.jpg (43831 bytes) A funky Greek windmill overlooking a fantastic valley. It was very windy up here and very scary.
A nice view over the precipice. In the distant you can see the windy roads and scary peaks involved in a trip across the middle of Crete. mountains.jpg (33718 bytes) A view over a windy hilltop onto the main tourist areas of Crete, Hersonnisos along to Malia (scariest resort on the island) coast_view.jpg (31879 bytes)
arty_hotel_shot.jpg (19847 bytes) I just liked the look of the whitewashed walls, in contrast with the blue of the sky behind. This street had a big row of swinging chairs and people drinking bizarro cocktails. Who were we to disagree. cocktails.jpg (36798 bytes)
This was taken at some ungodly hour of the morning on the way to the island of Santorini. boat_trip.jpg (22830 bytes) classic_santorini.jpg (20431 bytes) A classic view of the island of Santorini. The blue domed church is typical of the area are very common.
santorini_view.jpg (31773 bytes) Just another nice view of Santorini, just can't help getting a blue dome in there somewhere - you should try. santorini_view2.jpg (29655 bytes) A view along to the main town, pictures to follow. It was a long hot, Mediterranean day.
I just liked the soft light and smooth corners and the intense green gate, on this doorway, that was hidden out of sight santorini_doorway.jpg (16208 bytes) A classicly styled Greek church, again loadsa whitewash. It was difficult to get a clear view of it because of all the bloody tourists. santorini_church.jpg (31992 bytes)
santorini_view3.jpg (39259 bytes) Another one of my nice looking pictures - I'm no David Bailey but at least I'm a David. This must be one of the most photographed islands in Greece. santorini_view4.jpg (24805 bytes)
This is what is a very tepid picture of the best thrill ride you have ever been on in your life - nearly killed me. scary_journey.jpg (41099 bytes) santorini_view5.jpg (18608 bytes) A very similar picture to that above. One of the boats in the distance is ours - not personally of course.
travellers.jpg (21382 bytes) The world weary travellers finally find an Inn in which they can quench their thirst the_ultimate_rollercoaster.jpg (25285 bytes) David looking surprising alive after managing a 15 minute ride down the mountain side on a donkey. You can't quite tell but my knuckles are pure white.
Here you can see the mountain side and the village on top that we travelled down from our cruise ship. You can just see the pathway that we came down. cliff.jpg (36072 bytes) This is the entrance to Samaria Gorge. We walked this over the course of about 8 hours one day - I'd do it again tomorrow, if I could. gorge_entrance.jpg (34895 bytes)
classic_gorge.jpg (23856 bytes)

Mean, moody, dark & foreboding - a promise of real effort & plenty nice beer at the end.

Absolutely stunning scenery. Apparently  you can't go into the gorge in winter because this sort of thing becomes a raging torrent.

gorge1.jpg (33494 bytes)

More foreboding geography. So idiots, walk this is flip flops...

now_thats_big.jpg (40400 bytes) getting_tired.jpg (43333 bytes)

Me, looking and feeling absolutely knackered - but enjoying every minute. Ellie was trying to get an feeling of the size of the place.

nice_sky.jpg (14398 bytes)

A pretty sky shot...

more_travellers.jpg (20950 bytes)

Enjoying a few cold ones, after a long hard walk in the gorge.

The classic fresco from the temple of Knossos. Shows the mental Cretans. enjoying a wee game of bull jumping, hmmm?

bull_dancers.jpg (31514 bytes)

A classic Ellie arty shot - there's always one in there, this is probably the most successful one yet.

thro_columns.jpg (22247 bytes)
our_hotel.jpg (22419 bytes)

My favourite arty shot - much better than Ellie's, in my opinion. The outside of our hotel with the Med in the background.

David, Ellie & Gordon McWilliams
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