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Malta, Hidden in the Med
(9/4/97 - 16/4/97)

The Malta photographs are in no particular order as we went to Malta many times and didn't keep our snaps very well organised. You'll see photos of ourselves, younger, thinner and less grey, and of good friends from Dalry, Scotland, Jim & Margaret McCallum with their two daughters Christina & Victoria.

airtours-15_7_92.jpg (27287 bytes)

The night of the Airtours spectacular. A fairly underwhelming event that the reps con you into buying expensive tickets for. We did win a nice piece of hand blown glass work.

Bay1.jpg (195744 bytes)

A nice wee bay, I think that it is Ballutta Bay, but it was a long time ago and I really can't be sure. We used to walk along the coast from our hotel to the thriving metropolis of St. Julian's of an evening.

This might be the Strand in Sliema... errr I'm not terribly good at this tour guide stuff.

Bay2.jpg (156364 bytes)

This is definately the entrance to the Maltese Blue Grotto - maybe?

blue_grotto-14_7_92.jpg (37518 bytes)
christina_victoria.jpg (37984 bytes)

The epic boat trip from St Paul's Bay out to St Paul's island. Possibly the scariest thing I've ever done. We got mugged by a speed boat. Still great fun though. Owned and operated by Victor Azzopardi - funny how you retain useless stuff innit?

Coast1.jpg (157263 bytes)

Nice bit of classic Maltese coastline - another way of saying that I can't remember. We are talking about the early ninties here after all.

I think we went for a wee drive one day and found an entrance to a huge cave, perched on the edge of a cliff - this is a view along from their.

Coast2.jpg (182215 bytes)

Same as the previous photo, except in the other direction.

Coast3.jpg (157603 bytes)
Comino1.jpg (37673 bytes)

We went to the island of Comino and I went from a scoot aboot the rocks - very impressive.

Comino2.jpg (33066 bytes)

More Comino scenic shots.

A view of the area the Maltese call the Blue Lagoon. It was glorious

Comino3.jpg (34796 bytes)

Another nice Blue Lagoon shot.

Comino4.jpg (34030 bytes)
fishing_boat.jpg (143759 bytes)

The classic Marsaloxx photograph. The eye is the eye of Isis, I believe.

Gardens.jpg (43436 bytes)

We visited a museum in Valetta and found this beautiful atrium.

Gozo. The guys are selling fruit to us tourists, and we aren't buying it.

Gozo1.jpg (187151 bytes)

A view from the roof our hotel in Sliema. We used to walk around the bay you see every evening for dinner.

hotel_view.jpg (207299 bytes)
jim_maggs.jpg (145896 bytes)

Jim & Maggs. I think that they had stolen a wee quiet evening, while we took the girls for dinner and a stroll.

mdina-20_7_92.jpg (45985 bytes)

The reason that they don't allow cars in the town of Mdina. The street was 5 foot 6 inches wide and you could touch both sides with your arms outstretched.

Me at Popeyes Village - where they filmed the movie

Popeye1.jpg (43674 bytes)

After another hard days sun bathing.

qawra_23_7_92.jpg (38573 bytes)
qawra_23_7_92-2.jpg (28553 bytes)

Ellie doesn't just look as if she had been drinking - the clue is in the poster, just to the left of her head.

Rabat1.jpg (35610 bytes)

The catacombs in Rabat - very eerie.

Fortress turned, pretty good fish/ pizza restaurant.

restaurant.jpg (39899 bytes)

A view along St. Pauls island

st_pauls_island1.jpg (31222 bytes)
wee_street.jpg (150991 bytes)

Ellie hamming it up in Mdina.

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