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Ellie's Little Piece of Cyberspace

My first 'Letter from America'
It was scary when we first got here and I just had to tell everyone about it!

The latest and current letter from America
Well it's the update including the labour - not for the squeemish!

Autumn Views
David and I took Gordon out for a walk in the park during the 'fall' and we collected some leaves. When we got home we decided to do some scanning. These are the results. They make a good background in MS Windows. Feel free to steal.

david_n_ellie.jpg (179791 bytes) brown_strange_one.jpg (106356 bytes) fall_colour.jpg (162591 bytes)
montage1.jpg (184947 bytes) the_reds.jpg (103332 bytes)
Ellie McWilliams
Revised: January 24, 2001
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