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The McWilliams' Michigan Webcam

The camera should generally be active Monday to Friday, 8.30am until 5pm EST (which is 5 hours behind GMT), it may also be on at night, when we are online.

If I'm in the picture and the time is correct then why not email me and I'll pass on some abuse

This is an attempt by me to play around with more htmlese. This picture should be of one of us, me, Ellie or even Gordon, while webrowsing, it should autoupdate every 2 minutes. If we are not online then you will see the last image that was generated.

I am using a Kodak DVC323 for the image grabs and Chill-Cam software to do the actual webcammy kind of stuff, it generates the image, saves it as a .jpg file and then ftp's it to the appropriate webserver and directory

David, Ellie & Gordon McWilliams
Revised: January 24, 2001

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