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Video Frame Grabs

The following images were digitized from our video camera using Video Director 1000 hardware & software. This could quite easily be the most boring website that you have visited. All of the icons are links to even bigger and higher quality images, as if you thought that it were possible.

The Images

Need we say anymore (there should be a soundtrack with this one)
Gazza, the one and only. This is from our last piss-up in Bonnie Scotland in the Lord Lounsdale pub. The pub with the worst service in Scotland, 'just because you've been drinking here for 5 years doesn't mean your a regular'.
Photos around the house
This is the first of the many interesting pictures in our demo collection. Simply called 'blue chairs' this hopes to demonstrate in a simple icon a snapshot of American culture and the sort of crap that someone will mess about with just to prove a point. Notice a Tigger, Pooh, some juggling balls and a Greek calendar all delicately placed around the scene.
This may just look like a cooker to you, non American experienced persons, but it is actually in fact, a cooker. The tartan oven glove was provided last Christmas by mister safety conscious himself, Gary Noble.
The cuddly toys that brightened the house that was at 1032 North Oakland Blvd, Waterford, Michigan. The Tigger was a chrissy pressie and the Pooh was bought at Heathrow on our way over here.
It's a double sink. It was on the tip of your tongue wasn't it? Loads of cheerio cards on the far side.
A leg, mine, left, on a dead hot 'n' sunny day, I do believe I had phoned home that day and it was chucking it doon.
The view for home
A view of 'Waterford West' apartments, the first place we fancied moving to, but they messed us about so long that we found a better, cheaper and nicer place to stay. Notice the day we arrived it was less than sociable.
The day after we arrived much nicer, picture postcard stuff.
"Waterford West' when the ice started to go away.
The view of the wee lake that we overlook.
The day we went to Windsor, On, Canada
Ellie on the morning that we went to Windsor
This is a view across the Detroit River from Windsor, Ontario over onto the Detroit downtown area. We decided to travel over one Sunday, just because (a) we could and (b) it would piss off everyone we spoke to one the phone. We had to travel over as this is where we travel to, when we see the Celts.
A fat, but fine looking fellow we saw soliciting down by the waterfront in Windsor. Note the product placement. Sponsorship by Barr's applied for.
Caught another shot of this fine chap as he practiced for an upcoming half marathon, this is after the initial 11 miles - still looking fresh as a daisy.
A nice view of the Renaissance Center from Windsor. This looks good during the day and stunning at night.
David, Ellie & Gordon McWilliams
Revised: January 24, 2001
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