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w_mak.gif (676 bytes)elcome to the homepage of David, Ellie, Gordon & Liam McWilliams. Ellie and I are originally from the Paisley area (near Glasgow), Scotland and we moved out to Waterford, Michigan, on 19th March 1998.  We then moved north to Clarkston (in early June), to an unfurnished, 2 bedroom apartment. It was at this point that Gordon decided to join us, born 18th June 1998. Deciding we needed more space for visitors, we moved down to Walled Lake in June of 1999, moving further downtown, into the very heart of Walled Lake, in June of 2000. I was 14 miles from work, became 22 miles from work, then 10 miles away, and now only 6 miles - a step in the right direction. This year, 2002, we moved again, prompted by the arrival of Liam on the 31st May 2001. I've enclosed a wee map over our travels to find a place to stay here.

We came over because I was offered a job with a CAD/ CAM/ CAE Integration company called Integrated Systems Technologies Inc., based in Novi, Michigan. I was originally employed to help out with the SDRC/ C3P installations for Ford suppliers, but have since been put in charge of the department, latterly back out on the road focussing on enterprise level systems integration. In early 2000 IST merged with a competitor of ours, INCAT, and the joint venture became INCAT Systems for about a year, and then just plain old INCAT.

Gordon was born here on 18th June 1998 in a local hospital by caesarian section and is, obviously, an American - I'm sure that there must be a cure for it!! Our second son, Liam, was born on 31st June 2001, also American, but he will also have the same dual nationality enjoyed by his brother - enabling us to breeze through immigration in the UK, and them to wait on their parents at American Immigration.

This site has been put together, so that we can let the people out there that wonder how we are doing, see how.

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Note: Absolutely no money will be made from this website. Its contents are intended for information and enjoyment only. So if I copied any copyright stuff, don't worry about it, or at least attempt to get a life/ personality/ something more interesting to do (delete whichever is inapplicable). If it really pissed you off, contact me and I'll remove it, I can be flexible as well as offensive. End of disclaimer.
David, Ellie & the Bhoys
Revised: 6 March, 2002
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