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Gordon Kelly McWilliams

At last, the overdue arrival of Gordon Kelly McWilliams weighing in at 7lbs and 15ozs and 21 inches long on 18th June 1998 and 11:08pm Eastern Standard Time. He was born in Huron Valley - Sinai Hospital in Commerce, Michigan.

Ellie was in labour from 4:30am until 10:45pm, when the doctor decided that due to potential complications, and after two hours of active pushing, she should be sectioned.

We took these over the course of his first week on this Earth and then scanned them using my first prezzie to Gordon, no, not a train set, a 30-bit, cheap as hell, scanner from CompUSA. These are from the first couple of spools that we took, another one with more stuff wasn't there when we went to pick it up - we should get it tomorrow. This page will be getting updated frequently.

The First Photosnaps

Initially called 'Tigger', due to Ellies obsession with 'Winnie the Pooh' and the young foetal Gordon's habit of jumping around, now known as Gordon, after no-one in particular.
Little Gordon's first footprint at about 11:30pm on Thursday Just after we came back from theatre, the gunk in his eyes helps cut down chances of infection I'm in 'blues' because you need to wear them in theatre. Ellie wasn't allowed to stand for a couple of days after the caesarian (?).
Mummy and granny after one helluva day The proud and battle weary dad, I didn't really have time for a good shave once we had to move. Ellie on the Sunday after the ordeal - now allowed to stand and trying to buy shares in an epidural company.
Dad_gran.jpg (44997 bytes) Earlydad.jpg (36656 bytes)
Little Gordon, calm and peaceful - not quite the usual. Isn't Gordon a lucky wee guy, in his world Rangers have never won anything  - he hasn't even see a Hunz top. The Windsor Celtic Supporters Club top. Oh and the bhoy.
Gordhosp.jpg (40025 bytes) Lasthosp.jpg (46925 bytes) 1sttiger.jpg (37400 bytes)
Gordon lying dead quiet and peaceful. He wasn't always this quiet and the eyes open thing was a bit of a rarity. Gordon gets ready to leave hospital and go home for the first time. Looking back, he looks lost in his baby carrier. Tigger meets Tigger, can't really tell which one looks the least impressed.
Towel.jpg (33126 bytes) Coolkid.jpg (54885 bytes) Dadnson.jpg (51270 bytes)
Gordon after his bath. The Tigger towel was Ellie's ideas - but now it barely covers his beer belly. We  tried on the shades when we went into Baby Gap at the Somerset Collection shopping mall. David & the boy trying to get some kip on a Sunday morning. If only Ellie could sleep in we could all enjoy the day.
Asleep.jpg (62274 bytes)
Gordon sleeping in the minivan. It seems that whenever he gets into the car he just conks out. The only problem is that he also wakes up as soon as we stop anywhere - McDonalds, traffic lights, etc.

Gordon's Christening - 26/7/98

Closrobe.jpg (65280 bytes) Before1.jpg (84903 bytes) Bparents.jpg (98119 bytes)
Gordon before his big appearance at Our Lady of the Lakes. Another belter of a day and one that was arranged at very short notice. Gordon with proud grandparents and dad. He seemed to take to the big occasion without any great hassle. Me and Ellie before the big ceremony. This is probably the only time that I wore trousers outside work throughout the whole summer.
Folks2.jpg (96386 bytes) Baptism.jpg (34213 bytes) Blanket.jpg (83599 bytes)
The grandparents and Ellie before the big occasion. Ellie, Gordon and Deacon Chuck. A nice guy who took us aback when talking about his kids - we weren't quite expecting it. Gordon after the big event. He decided to wear something a little more  relaxing for the rest of the day. Later on we went to a Duggans for dinner and several beers.
David, Ellie & Gordon McWilliams
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